How To Choose A Good Lawyer?

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Anyone who has ever considered the need to hire a lawyer will surely have had severe doubts about the professional that best suits their requirements. Many questions must be resolved in the process of choosing a lawyer. Therefore, in this article, we have proposed to help you find the lawyer that best fits your requirements and that better final results can give you.

Here Is A Small Guide To Choosing A Good Lawyer:


Like practically everything in this life, excellence comes from specialization. An expert lawyer specialized in the subject matter of your problem, will offer you guarantees that other professionals not specialized or specialized in different fields will never be able to provide you with. Let’s look at it differently: if you have a heart medical problem, would you visit a family doctor or a neurologist? The answer is simple: no… Well, in the legal world, precisely the same thing happens, specialization is a fundamental point in favor of that lawyer you are looking for. One thing must be visible, the legal world is immense, and it is not possible to be an expert in all protected areas of law.


Although there are young lawyers who are real experts, the experience is a grade. If two professionals offer you identical characteristics and generate the same confidence, I fulfill all the other points that are exposed in this article; you should choose the one that had more experience of the two.

Closeness to your area

The location of the lawyer or law firm, although it is not decisive, if it should be one of the points to analyze. The most logical thing is to choose among those who meet the other requirements, one of those who are closer to our home. This will directly affect our comfort and the quality of the service since we will be able to hold personal interviews more frequently, which logically is very interesting in terms of our interests. Also, the lawyer will be more familiar with the Courts and Tribunals of the area, and with the procedure, criteria and common assessments of the staff that serves in them. However, there are mandatory exceptions to this rule. For example, if it is a critical case and we need a highly specialized lawyer,

Good references

A lawyer or law firm that receives objective recommendations from its satisfied clients is, without a doubt, a guaranteed bet. For this, you can consult your relatives, friends, and acquaintances, or you can even track on the Internet information about the lawyer or office in question. It is possible that by doing this little “research” on the professional, you can find references that help you make a decision, one way or the other.


Here is one of the points that can cause more problems, because we can find significant differences in the prices of each lawyer. If we have several very similar budgets, we will choose that lawyer about whom we have excellent references or who has more experience in the matter. Eye with extraordinarily low budgets, because as the saying goes “Nobody gives hard to four pesetas.” We have to be clear that lawyers offer highly specialized services of great importance, so in principle, these assumptions that underestimate the activity of these professionals should be analyzed with a magnifying glass because we can take unpleasant surprises. With this we also do not want to say that we have to choose the most expensive one, you have to have costly that you have to value and compare the prices, specialization, and experience they offer in return, choosing the one that seems most reasonable. However, to accurately assess budgets, the Bar Associations establish guidelines for the fees of lawyers.

First impression

Once you have a first pre-selection of the three or four lawyers that best suit your interests, we recommend that you arrange an initial interview or consultation with them. Most lawyers will agree to carry out this first consultation free of charge, as an approach. Some offices can give you a very distant appointment in time and in this case you should appreciate that perhaps the office is very saturated with work, which could influence your decision. In this first interview, you should assess the confidence, responsibility, and security that this professional transmits to us and if you are truly capable of committing effectively to solve our problem.

Necessary questions

Take advantage of that first contact or experience to ask a few items of great interest for your final choice, which will undoubtedly help you to appreciate if you have listened to your problems in a receptive way and if you feel that you can solve them effectively. These should be some of the most important questions you should ask:

  • What is the approximate cost of your services?
  • Is there a probability that you will be charged additional charges not included in the initial budget?
  • How will you invoice and with what frequency?
  • Do you have experience in similar cases?
  • Are there several ways to solve the case?
  • How long can the matter be resolved?
  • Is a mediation or arbitration process advisable for my case?
  • How will you keep me informed of the evolution of the procedure?
  • In case it is an office with several lawyers, which of them will take care of my problem?

After adequately assessing all the points proposed in this article, you should already have enough data to be able to choose a good lawyer to advise you. If you want to start the search for a lawyer at this moment, you can do it in a fast and straightforward way through our lawyer directory.